Opticon H19A

Installation Notes91

  • .NET Compact Framework – .NET CF 2.0 is already installed on your device, but the installer will try to install it anyway. Cancel the installation of .NET CF 2.0.
  • SqlCE – After SqlCE is installed, you will probably be asked to reboot your device. Please reboot and wait until the device reconnects before continuing.

Configuration Notes

Scanner Options:

  1. On your device, click on barcode icon on top of the screen and select “enable” barcode reader
  2. Click on barcode icon and tap on “setting”
  3. Menu codes
  4. Edit
  5. Enter RY1JRZ1M
  6. OK
  7. Update, Yes

Symbology Specific Settings – Depending on your labels, you may also need to check the settings for individual symbologies. Consult your the Universal Menubook for details.

Retail Mobile Suite Settings – On your device, go to Device Configuration > Wedge. Click Reset. This step trains Retail Mobile Suite as to which buttons on the device initiate scans.