About FoundryLogic

About Us

FoundryLogic develops Mobile Business Applications that require Enterprise Integration. We also provide IT Consulting Services for system selection, implementation, custom software development, and complex systems integration.  FoundryLogic is a Retail Pro Development Partner.

FoundryLogic maintains a strong focus on the Retail industry.  Retail Mobile Suite, our middleware platform and “family” of mobile apps for retailers, is always evolving.  Development started on the first version of Retail Mobile Suite in 2004.  Our Retail Mobile POS app is certified for use with major payment providers. Our Retail Mobile Inventory app is used by Retail Pro merchants around the world.

Our team has many years of experience developing major solutions for Global 1000 companies. These solutions include: IT strategy and roadmaps, new system selection and project management, custom software development, complex systems integration, customization of ERP packages, and the design and implementation of technical infrastructures.

FoundryLogic was established in 2002 by software company and IT executives to deliver high-quality IT services and applications to our customers. We leverage our business and technical experience on every project. We also started the company so that, from time to time, we could work on our own entrepreneurial ideas.

Our Approach


Our staffing philosophy is to build teams of talented people that we’ve worked with in the past.  We engage people that have earned our trust for their specialized skills, high-quality work, and on-time deliveries.

Agile Software Development

Our delivery approach is based on a synthesis of Agile Software Development practices, because traditional practices don’t take into account that:

  • Every project is different.
  • Requirements change as projects mature.
  • People, process, and technology, in that order, are what make project success possible.

We utilize small and skilled teams that can move quickly and respond to customer feedback.

Leverage Existing Solutions

Our goal is to work at the highest level possible for solution delivery by, first, integrating off-the-shelf software and services and, second, restricting new development to unique business requirements. This approach reduces system acquisition costs for our customers, speeds delivery, and cuts long-term support expenses.

Reusable Components and Frameworks

Software development is expensive and time consuming.  FoundryLogic strives to create reusable libraries of software components and frameworks. We use these components and frameworks to “fill in the gaps” of existing commercial products and to enhance the quality of our solutions.

Open Source and Open Standards

We believe in leveraging Open Source software when possible. Utilizing Open Standards ensures that our solutions are deployable across different databases, operating systems, and infrastructure software … which preserves our customer’s technology investments.