What are the major changes between V4 and V5?

V5 adds support for the following new features and makes standard some features that were previously available in V4 plugins:

  • Supports Oracle and MySQL versions of Prism for Mobile Inventory.
  • New Mobile Inventory features:
    • V9 and Prism Mobile Inventory plugins.
    • Search and count against ASNs (supported on iOS only, Android coming soon)
  • New Mobile POS features:
    • AppCard.
    • Gift Receipts.
    • Cayan Store and Forward
  • New Mobile Manager features:
    • Shared connection settings
  • Built with .NET 4.8
  • Dropped support for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2008

Does upgrading to V5 cost anything?

Current users of V4 may upgrade for free. V3 and earlier licenses, however, cannot be upgraded.

Do I need a new license to use V5?

V4 licenses will automatically work with V5. V3 and earlier licenses are not compatible.

Are V5 license subscriptions priced differently than V4?

No. V5 licenses subscriptions are priced the same as V4.

What’s happening with V4? Can I still use it?

V4 is now in Maintenance Mode with End of Support scheduled for Dec 31, 2020. While in Maintenance Mode, only necessary updates and fixes will be provided to ensure its operation. After End of Support, V4 will no longer be maintained. Users may continue using V4 as long as they wish, but are recommended to upgrade to V5 before End of Support to ensure continuous access to updates, fixes and new features.

What about the Retail Mobile Inventory app for Windows Mobile and CE devices?

Because support for Windows Mobile and CE operating systems, as well as Windows Mobile Device Center, have all been discontinued, users are urgently recommended to transition to iOS and Android alternatives. The Retail Mobile Inventory app for Windows Mobile and CE devices will continue to be provided with V5 in Maintenance Mode, like V4, until Dec 31, 2020.