Honeywell 6100, 7600, 7850 & 9700

Installation Notes80

  • .NET Compact Framework – .NET CF 2.0 is already installed on your device, but the installer will try to install it anyway. Cancel the installation of .NET CF 2.0.
  • SqlCE – After SqlCE is installed, you will probably be asked to reboot your device. Please reboot and wait until the device reconnects before continuing.

Configuration Notes

Check the scanner configuration by going to Start > Power Tools > EZConfig Utilities > ScanWedge. When the ScanWedge applet comes up, go to Scanwedge > Settings as shown:

Check the following settings:

  • Ensure that PrefixKeys is enabled and its value is 12.
  • Ensure that SuffixKeys is enabled and its value is 13.
  • Ensure that SendMode is enabled and its value is Virtual Keys

Next, click VKMapping and add insert a new key for 12, as shown, if not already present:

Launch Scanner

Launch the ScanWedge scanner applet by going to Start > Power Tools > ScanWedge. Note, you will need to restart the ScanWedge application anytime you make a change to the ScanWedge settings.

Symbology Specific Settings – Depending on your labels, you may also need to check the settings for individual symbologies. From the ScanWedge setings, click Symbologies.

Retail Mobile Suite Settings – On your device, go to Device Configuration > Wedge. Click Reset. Scan a barcode. This step trains Retail Mobile Suite as to which buttons on the device initiate scans.