Retail Mobile POS

Retail Mobile Point of Sale (POS)



Retail Mobile Point of Sale (POS)

Check-out customers on the sales floor, answer customer questions, view your product catalog, and provide personal service — all with a Mobile POS app that’s fully integrated with Retail Pro 8 and 9

Mobile POS Features

Serve your shoppers with Retail Mobile POS on the sales floor, outside the store, or at remote locations

  • Scan items, adjust purchase quantities, or manually enter product codes
  • Accept cash and credit cards
  • Capture digital signatures
  • Email or print the sales receipt

Shoppers love this! More personal and no lines!

Secure data is sent wirelessly to Retail Pro and your credit card gateway

Mobile POS is only available through your Retail Pro reseller.  Contact FoundryLogic or your Retail Pro reseller for more information

Mobile POS Requirements

  • Mobile Device Requirements: Apple iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad running iOS 6.1 or later
  • Desktop Requirements: Microsoft Windows (XP or later versions), and Retail Pro8 or 9

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